What Is a Tank?

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In gaming, sometimes the word “tank” is used as a singular term, which means a single heavy, immovable object that can protect the user. Outside of gaming however, this phrase carries the connotations of being both an adjective and a verb: to “tank” is to fail, and in gaming, a “tank” can mean either a powerful vessel containing liquid or fuel (gasoline) or an armor-plated vehicle. In fact, in gaming the term can refer to any one of these things, although the most common use is as a noun. A “tank” in any context however, means a vehicle designed to carry heavy loads for a prolonged period of time, whether or not it has fuel to run on.

In many movies, people’s tanks are made to be capable of bearing the weight of the entire crew of an airplane, so that they do not fall off during flight. This is the type of “tank” we commonly see when the hero is fighting against a dragon, but it also makes an excellent model for a roleplaying character. If you’re running a game, and you need some sort of monster or enemy for your players to fight, make sure that the player is not allowed to just cast “tank” at random.

A “tank” is often defined as an object that can stand alone, although it is also possible for it to be part of a group. In most games, the “tank” is only meant to stand on its own, but the same idea applies when it’s part of a group. For instance, in Warhammer Online the Dwarfen tanks are often part of a group of six and often the most difficult to defeat, as they are often the largest unit of the faction and have the best armor and defenses.

Other than the Dwarfen tanks, in games, there are many different types of “tanks.” One of the more common ones is the tank, which is not really a true tank at all: it does not have any armor and instead is composed of a thick metal shell that is capable of absorbing damage and resisting the effects of multiple hits. Tanks are used in World of Warcraft by different classes, though they are not a type of “tank.”

Another type of “tank” is the “melee tank.” In gaming this means a vehicle which can move around while it deals damage to an enemy by attacking it in melee; for instance, in World of Warcraft the Alliance’s paladin can move up close to the enemy and use Holy magic, or holy energy to do damage before moving back out of harm’s way, while the enemy tries to attack the priest with spells. This type of “tank” can be a good choice if you’re playing a class like the rogue who can move around the battlefield quickly.

As far as the word “tank” goes, the term has no specific gender; sometimes it is applied to both men and women. In real life, both genders can be considered to be “tanks,” but the word “tanking” is actually a term used to describe the roles of one or the other. In games, the tank is usually male, as he usually focuses on taking out one target at a time, but in many MMORPGs the tank’s primary responsibility is protecting the other characters, especially those that are stronger.Click here for more details about sa gaming