Hamstring Injuries and Resistance Stretching

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One way to prevent hamstring injuries is to always warm-up before strenuous exercise, and also to perform gentle but exact stretching, a little before, and more intensively afterwards when you are very warm. Also, understanding how to release tension right from the insertion point at your sit bone, and down the thigh, including the quad muscle, will help you to stretch even better. If you have had a hamstring injury care, careful stretching is essential.

Why is the release of the quad muscle mentioned above? Because the quadriceps muscle is typically stronger, and it will retain tension which can unbalance the body structure. Getting the tension out of it will assist in the relaxation of your hamstring.

Even when you (dancer, cheerleader, teacher, coach, fitness buff, daily walker), are well warmed up after a class or work out, the tension in the muscles from the scalp down, can interfere with stretching.

Five minutes of tension release with a pinky ball, on the major muscle groups, FEELS SO GOOD and will prepare the muscles for effective stretching.

Tense muscles are weak muscles. Relaxation and the resulting increased circulation in the muscle fibres allow the muscles to perform at their maximum strength.

Hamstring muscles, once pulled, take a long time to recover from inflammation and scarring.

If you are not a dancer or athlete but sit on an office chair most of the day, you are just as likely to pull a hamstring. The tone of your muscles is neglected in a sedentary lifestyle. Even after an evening walk, you need more than a quick calf/leg stretch.

An expertly designed resistance stretching routine is surprisingly easy to learn.

We can’t always tell how much we can improve our physical strength. Progress may depend on age, history of exercise, and any medical conditions. But whether young or old, if you are planning to start, or increase, your chosen exercise challenges, pamper yourself by learning correct tension release. Exercise creates physical, emotional and spiritual health.

At one time when someone suffered a spinal cord injury, it was considered permanent, as there was no real medical solution to address this. Thanks to advancements in modern medicine and the wondrous discoveries of the 21st century, this has changed, and there is a glimmer of hope. This isn’t to say that there is a cure, but there has been a remarkable change in the number of time people stay in the hospital for this type of injury. An Orlando injury lawyer knows this first hand.

While there is no real way to reverse this type of injury, the kinds of treatments have improved dramatically and when combined with a laser-like focus on helping the person return to a full life, great strides have been taken. This only happens if the person gets immediate treatment right after the injury and if they decide to continue the spinal cord injury care, in consultation with their Orlando personal injury lawyer.

The first thing that makes a significant difference to a spinal cord injury patient is the prompt treatment of the initial cause of the paralysis. There are a variety of ways to achieve that, including medication and immobilization. The medication used is generally Medrol, known as methylprednisolone, which decreases the inflammation near the site of the injury. This must be given within 8 hours of the injury. This medical intervention has been known to promote recovery to a certain point.

Immobilization usually means a body harness, traction, or even metal braces to stabilize the spine for transport or an MRI. While there are no guarantees it will cure this type of injury, immobilization combined with medications and supportive therapy has a significant chance of making a difference in the outcome of spinal cord injuries. Injuries like this need to be investigated by your Orlando accident lawyer to ensure you receive just compensation as a result of your accident.

If you are faced with a situation like this, make sure you call and consult with an Orlando personal injury lawyer. Only your lawyer will be able to inform you of the long-term ramifications and discuss settlement issues that will directly affect your life.